Improve Your Home Insulation Using Window Tinting Wichita KS

Controlling the temperature in your home is the best way to keep your energy usage under control. Unfortunately, there are only so many ways to insulate a home. One of the most overlooked methods of temperature control and home insulation is Window tinting Wichita KS. Tinting the windows can do much more than block the incoming light although that alone is enough to reduce your energy consumption. Tinting the windows can also protect your family and your belongings. Window tinting uses a polymer film that can protect the glass from shattering and the dark color keeps ultraviolet rays from damaging valuable furnishings.

The most common window tint is a dark color much like sunglasses. This is perfect for summer use or suburban areas where there is little shade. However, some people prefer a reflective film that can provide some benefits all year long. Reflective tint makes it easier to enjoy the daylight hours while still enjoying the privacy your home affords you. In most instances reflective film can help hold in winter warmth although it will make the initial heating of the home a little tougher because the tint reflects the weak winter sunlight away from the home.

While energy consumption is a great concern it is also important to consider the results of sunlight on your fine furniture and possessions. Solar radiation can damage your furnishings by fading the colors. Using a dark tinting can weaken this effect and a reflective tint can almost eliminate it entirely. Window tinting Wichita KS will allow you to sit and enjoy the outdoor beauty without worrying about how the sunshine will affect your couch or chair. Plus, you don’t have to worry about your furniture soaking up heat and becoming too uncomfortable to sit on or an unexpected heat source in the home.

No matter whether you are concerned with safety, energy efficiency or beauty using protective film over your windows can benefit your home. The extra filtration can make your windows difficult to see in during daylight and it can filter out harmful solar radiation. Using tinting on your windows could increase their effective insulating ability by at least ten percent which could help reduce your utility costs. If you are considering Window tinting be sure to contact NorthStar Comfort Services Wichita KS.

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