Energy Saving Foam Insulation

With the weather seeming to be more erratic ever year the energy cost to warm and cool our homes is just going up. Heating and cooling costs are taking a larger part of the family budget. Homeowners are looking for ways in which they can reduce their energy costs annually. One way to reduce these costs may be by adding foam insulation in Appleton.

Adding insulation to existing homes is no long a major construction project as it once was. There is no longer the need to tear into walls to insert the fiber batting or blow in loose insulation. There are many eco-friendly forms of foam insulation in Appleton that can be injected from your exterior walls. Holes are strategically placed so that the foam insulation gradually fills the gaps and pushes the air out. This will be done all the way around your home until all the walls are filled and insulated properly.

When the foam is injected it is in liquid form that will quickly become solid. It will be cured fully within a day. The injection holes will be filled and there will be almost no trace of any work having been done. This type of insulation generally costs more than the more traditional batt insulation. However, it will save you money by not having to do any caulking or applying a housewrap and vapor barrier.

In older homes foam insulation in Appleton will be able to reach all of the nooks and crannies older homes seem to develop over the years. It will provide the thermal barrier you need to better regulate the interior temperature of you home. It is also a good moisture deterrent which may eliminate excessive molds and mildews in your home. Molds and mildews have been known to cause health issues with some people.

Insulation companies are working on making their products greener. Many of the insulation currently in use are made from recycled materials. You can request these products when you are having the work done on your home. Take the time to do some research before you make a final decision on the type of insulation you want used in your home. This way you will feel comfortable that you have made an informed decision.


Foam insulation in Appleton may cost you more money initially, but will save money over the long run by reducing your energy bills. Working with professionals that do this type of insulation on a regular basis will make sure the job is done right. Once your foam insulation in Appleton is in place you can start to enjoy the savings.