Important Reasons To Choose Large Dog Chew Bones For Active Chewers

Large dogs are typically those that are fifty pounds or more as adults, but also less than 90 pounds. Dogs over this weight are considered giant dogs, and those smaller are considered medium, small or toy dogs.

Large dogs include a range of different breeds including the ever popular Labs, German Shepherd Dogs, Malamutes, Basset Hounds, Pitbull Terriers, and Boxers. Of course, any cross between different breeds may also result in an adult dog in this weight range.

These dogs, regardless of their breed or mix, are typically fairly aggressive chewers. They have powerful jaws that are capable of demolishing toys, bones and dog chew treats.

However, medium sized dogs can also need large dog chew bones. This is particularly true if they are very active chewers and tend to worry at their chew toys and bones with gusto.

Thick and Durable

By choosing large dog chew bones, owners have the comfort of knowing they are selecting a chew bone that is thicker and more durable than chew bones for smaller and less active chewers.

Make sure the large dog chew bones you select are free from any rawhide. Look for the words 100% rawhide free, or just the term rawhide-free prominently displayed on the package. Additionally, check the ingredient label to make sure there is no rawhide in the product, which ensures a healthy, safe chew.

Always Monitor

Even with the dog chew bones designed for larger dogs, take the added precaution of monitoring the dog as he or she is enjoying the treat. This ensures even if the dog does split a piece of the bone with the gnawing, it can be removed and thrown out while the dog enjoys the rest of the bone.

By selecting products without rawhide that are 100% digestible, your dog can eat the entire bone. This is a great way to give your pet a satisfying treat that is also safe for them to enjoy.

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