Important Factors in Proper Pet Nutrition

For many people, their pets are like family and making sure that they get everything that they need to keep them happy and healthy is a top priority. There are many different options when it comes to Pet Food & pet Nutrition Supplements, so you will need to find some way to narrow down your options. The first thing you need to consider when trying to care for your pet properly is the elements they need for proper nutrition. The following are a few of the vital components that will promote good health and well-being of your pet.

Water is Key
One of the most important things that will ensure the good health of your pets is proper water consumption, especially in the hot summer months. You need to make sure that your dog consumes at least two times the amount of water than the food that they eat. Even a 10 percent reduction in the amount of water in the body of the dog can cause drastic health issues that can be totally prevented. Be sure that you always have a full dish of fresh water out for your pet to ensure that it will be able to get a drink whenever they want.  Also, consider using filtered water in areas such as Florida because tap water may contain high levels of calcium that may cause kidney stones in animals predisposed to this ailment.

Plenty of Protein
Another key component in the health and well-being of your pet is the presence of the right levels of proteins, carbohydrates and fats in their diet.  Healthy active dogs will need a regular supply of rich proteins in their diet to build and replenish muscles, as older less active dogs will need less protein to avoid kidney and/or gastrointestinal complications.  Look towards grain-free all natural foods with the right balance between proteins, carbohydrates as defined by each individual animal’s age, breed, nutritional health needs, will allow for optimized comfort and energy levels.  If you are unsure about what type of food that you need, then consult with your local holistic pet supplier in order to get some good suggestions.

Vitamins and Minerals
Another very important thing that your pet needs to stay healthy and vibrant are vitamins and minerals. Start with an healthy, all natural kibble, canned, frozen raw, dehydrated or freeze dried raw food and then supplement with a high quality all natural vitamin base mix.  Apply this to food regularly along with an all natural fish oil for phenomenal results in a healthy dog or cat…inside and out.  For older dogs and cats, look for a supplement that contains, glucosamine, chondrotin and MSM–the very best delivery system being the liquid versions as they get into the system faster, stay in longer and are more efficiently absorbed for the best results.

By knowing what your pet needs to stay healthy, you will be better equipped to supply it for them. Be sure to consult with your vet whenever you have concerns or questions about the proper care of your pet.

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