Immediate Action Is Required To Save Money When Home or Business Experience Water Damage in Horseheads NY

While home or business facility repairs are important and maintenance is a regular part of keeping buildings in good shape, water damage is not just a repair or maintenance issue. Water damage is an emergency situation and needs to be dealt with immediately. Every moment lost to indecision and every minute of delay makes losses escalate, repairs more costly and damage more extensive. If a home or business owner becomes aware of Water Damage in Horseheads NY, it is imperative that they contact a professional water damage restoration company to stop losses and begin the repair and restoration process immediately.

The most common causes for water damage are broken pipes and hoses, severe storms, hurricanes, improper drainage, leaky roofs and siding, excessive humidity and fire cleanup. The problem with water is that it seeps into everything. Within minutes, nails and screws in drywall and other metal parts succumb to the moisture and begin to rust. Any laminated surface begins to soak up that moisture and swell. This swelling causes the laminate glue to fail as the pieces twist and warp due to the water. Wood furniture and trim begins to soak up the water, swell and crack. Any textiles become loaded with moisture and at best, become stained and smell, and at worst fall apart.

The immediate effects of water are bad enough, but after the water has evaporated, or been removed from a building, all is still not well. Any moisture left behind encourages the growth of mold. Musty smells and dangerous spores fill the air. Mold grows and destroys walls and belongings and can cause respiratory problems in people and pets. In extreme cases, mold can make a building not worth saving.

If a home or business is faced with Water Damage in Horseheads NY, A professional restoration company should be called immediately to stop losses and restore the building. ServiceMaster of the Tri-Counties is there to take on the restoration process and get life back to normal. They have the training and equipment necessary to dry everything out, replace what is not salvageable and restore what is. Additionally, they are equipped to handle mold, stopping its spread and killing the organisms. ServiceMaster also deals regularly with insurance companies, facilitating claims and repairs.

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