The Highest Quality Lifting Clamps In CT

The rigging and lifting industry is one of the most important in the country that is vital for many other industries to run as they do on a day to day basis. Finding the right lifting clamps in CT can make all the difference between a job well done and a potentially dangerous situation where a person could get hurt or some of the materials which are being lifted could become damaged. IT is important to be able to identify the highest quality lifting clamps for the type of job that you are trying to perform.

Many lifting clamps in CT are drop forged and heat-treated and are able to be used for both vertical and horizontal to vertical lifting. These clamps are some of the strongest available in order to be able to lift some of the heaviest loads that need to be moved or maneuvered into a different location or position. You are able to get lifting clamps with a patented wear indicator system which will help you know when it is time to replace your lifting clamps in order to promote the safety of the materials and those who are working to lift them.

Some lifting clamps in CT are designed to turn plates from horizontal to vertical as well as through a one hundred and eighty degree arc. This type of clamp operates on a convex serrated cam which swivels on a ball joint so that the area of engagement increases as the load which is being lifted increases. This allows for versatile lifts weighing in at different amounts. These are excellent for companies which lift a wide variety of objects and materials and may not know from day to day which ones they will need to lift next.

Regardless of what type of lifting you need to do there is a lifting clamp in CT available for you online. You will be able to browse the entire selection and find one that perfectly fits your lifting needs as well as your price range. By browsing online through all of the options available you will be sure to find some of the highest quality lifting clamps which will be designed to meet the needs that you have right now as well as those that you will encounter in the future.
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