If You Can Teach English, South Korea Needs You!

There are not too many job opportunities that allow you to grow in a personal and professional capacity, let you save money while still enjoying a good quality of life, and take you outside your comfort zone by exposing you to a new and exciting culture completely different to your own. But if you want to teach English, South Korea can offer you all that, and more!

South Korea is a fascinating country that welcomes foreigners with open arms. They take education very seriously, so teachers are held in high esteem. Foreign teachers are offered excellent packages, which include free return airfares to and from your country of origin, and free furnished accommodation. You will also usually have half your medical insurance paid every month, and the cost of your work visa will be covered by the school at which you work.

Because the cost of living is so low in South Korea (monthly utilities are no more than $100, for example) teachers are usually able to save up to half their salary every month, while still being able to eat out and socialize. You can then use your savings to travel and explore the many fascinating places Asia has to offer.

How Do I Apply for a Teaching Job?
So how do you go about getting a job once you’ve decided you want to teach English? South Korea goes on a recruitment drive for foreign teachers twice a year, and while you can try to find jobs on your own online, the best course of action is to work through a specialist recruitment company that deals specifically with placing teachers in South Korea.

Recruiters have lists of all the available jobs at any given time, and will be able to guide and advise you throughout the entire application process, from your first phone call, to walking into your school to start teaching.

Although recruiters can’t guarantee that you will be placed in your ideal environment, it’s a good idea to tell them what you want. If you hate city living, for example, make sure you request a school in a smaller town.

Then all that’s left is for you to enjoy a year teaching English in Korea!

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