Five Important Occasions that call for Fine Dining

You may not be one to spend a lot of money out on the town for a fabulous meal often. However all of us have special occasions in which a fine dining experience is in order. Here are five special occasions that demand special attention:

  1. Anniversaries: Marriage takes a lot of work and every milestone you hit is important. However when those major anniversary milestones arrive it is time for Edmonton Fine Dining. The key wedding anniversary milestones are of course your first and then every five years from then on. If it is not in the budget then be certain to save your money and really live it up on the tens!
  2. Graduation: When a child graduates it shows a lifetime dedication not only on their part but yours. Together you have worked hard to reach their academic goals and although deep down you will always feel they achieved this major milestone alone, they know how much you assisted them in completing their dreams. A graduation is the perfect time to celebrate this outstanding achievement as well as mark a very momentous occasion with your child becoming an adult.
  3. Rehearsal Dinner: When you are getting married you want to make each moment of that wedding important. Throwing a rehearsal dinner is a major event that requires Edmonton fine dining. Show the most important people in your life how much they mean to you and create a special dinner with perfect food, lovely wine and elegant surroundings so everyone can relax the night before the biggest event of your life.
  4. Valentines Day: Guys or gals, this is a day to celebrate your significant other, the love of your life and everything they mean to you. Put your feelings aside that this is more of a Hallmark moment than a reason to celebrate your love and book a surprise reservation at a fine restaurant as an unexpected treat. You have to do this at least once for them so they see the romantic side of you come what may. Champagne, exceptional food and of course some chocolate for dessert will set the mood for the rest of the evening, and perhaps even the rest of your lives together.
  5. Proposal: Gentlemen, or even ladies, if you have plans to get down on one knee you can go for some crazy scheme or take the traditional romantic route and book a dinner to offer Edmonton fine dining at its best with champagne, roses and of course diamonds.

These are just five of the many reasons to book a fine dining experience in Edmonton. To book, visit us.

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