How to Tell if You Need a Phone Tap Detector

by | Jul 27, 2012 | Electrical

There are many reasons why someone may tap your phone. They may simply be nosey and want to know what’s going on. Or they may be trying to find out information based on your conversations. Either way, it isn’t fair to you for them to gather any information without your knowledge. But how do you know if you need a phone tap detector? There are several signs to watch and listen for to determine if a detector may be necessary.

When you talk on the phone, especially if you have a digital line, you should have a clear connection at all times. If you suddenly begin hearing unusual sounds during your phone conversations, such as clicking, popping or static, these can be indicators that someone has tapped your phone without your knowledge. If these things are happening, you may want to check to make sure your phone hasn’t been tapped.

Another thing you can look for to determine if you need a phone tap detector is by checking the outside equipment for your phone line. Because people don’t often gain access to your home to tap the phone line, they often install an additional device on your exterior phone box. If you find anything unusual on the phone box leading to your home, your phone line may be tapped. Utility trucks near your home on a regular basis can be another indicator.

Interference with other electronic equipment in your home can also indicate your phone line may be tapped. For instance, if you are seeing interference in your television or radios, it can be a sign your phone has been tapped, and a phone tap detector can help you figure it out. However, keep in mind that interference with these devices can indicate a variety of issues. It never hurts to check your phone for tapping to ensure the security of the line.

No matter how you look at it, there are very few good excuses for tapping someone else’s phone line. However, if it happens to you, it is important to know about it. Using a phone tap detector device on your phone lines can help identify if your line is tapped. Watching and listening for signs your phone might be tapped can help you decide if buying one of these devices is a good idea. You deserve to have a secure line on which to talk to anyone you want.


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