How to Buy Womens Golf Clothes

If you are a woman who plays golf, it can be hard to find perfect golf clothes. Most golf clothes are geared towards men, because of the common misconception that golf is a sport just for men. But it is also a misconception that there are no good golf clothes out there for ladies who enjoy the sport as well. Here is what to look for to buy the perfect womens golf clothes.

Emphasis on Comfort

Your clothes should be comfortable to allow you to move around with ease all the time, and especially when playing any sport. When trying to find golf clothes, you should place an emphasis on how comfortable or uncomfortable you feel when you wear them and move around in them. Golf is a sport that depends on movement: wide swings, gentle putts, and walking from hole to hole after the ball.

Choose the Right Bottom Wear

There are three types of bottoms that are most popular in womens golf clothes selections. They are: shorts, skorts, and pants. Each kind of bottom wear comes with its own advantages and disadvantages, which depend on weather conditions and the type of body coverage which you are looking for.

Shorts are a perfect choice for warm weather conditions, as their length usually ends above or at the knee. They are not a good choice for cold weather, though, since they expose your legs to the cold. Skorts are basically shorts with a flap or skirt over them, which gives the illusion of a skirt but provides an extra layer underneath. Skorts are also typically around the same length as shorts, ending at or slightly above the knee or at mid thigh level, so they also are not an ideal choice for cold weather due to their shorter length.

Pants are perfect to wear in cold weather, as they fully cover your legs, but they are less than ideal for warm and hot weather for this exact reason. However, if pants are constructed from a lighter material, they can be worn on warm days as well, perhaps with a light wind.

Look for the Right Top Wear

Womens golf clothes selections of tops typically have a wide assortment of styles and makes. You can choose from:

  • Button down shirts
  • Collared shirts
  • Long sleeved shirts
  • Polos
  • Tees
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