A Short History of Real Madrid’s Uniform Kit

The Real Madrid football club wears a white home jersey because of the symbolism that alludes to royalty. (The word “Real” means royal in Spanish.) It is therefore represents the majesty and imperial status of a club that has consistently been owned by its members since its foundation in 1902. The royal crown sits regally in its emblem, signifying the authority with which the club established its true prowess during the 1950s in order to go on to win a record-breaking nine European cup trophies, and three international cups. The club has also earned two UEFA cups as well as a single UEFA Super Cup. The richest football club in the world by means of annual revenue gained, Real Madrid not only deserves it royal insignia because of the athletic ability displayed on the field, but because of its gains in terms of wealth as well.

While the colors for the home jersey have traditionally always been all white, there have been times in the clubs history when the shorts were not white, such as a brief change in 1925 when the club adopted black shorts. The club suffered a massive defeat by Barcelona, and true to a genuine lover of sport, the president of the club saw this as an omen of bad luck brought on by the black shorts and returned to an all-white kit.

In the 1940s buttons were featured on the shirt and the club crest was placed over the left breast, where it remains on the Real Madrid home jersey to this day. The club emblem originally consisted of the three letter initials of the club: MCF (Madrid Club de Futbol). Over the years the crest has been modernized, and includes the royal crown of King Alfonso who patronized the club beginning in 1920.

As a contrast to the home kit, the Real Madrid away jersey (including 2013) are usually darker colors, such as an all-black ensemble or all purple (but not, thankfully, purple mixed with black). The Real Madrid away jersey 2013 is dark blue or black with yellow stripes across the shoulders. Avid fans purchase the popular club’s home jersey to wear as a show of support during home games, and the Real Madrid away jersey to wear when they are playing elsewhere.

The symbolism of wearing the royal white while playing home games and dressing all in black while playing away may suggest that they have the authority of royalty when playing on their own turf, and the black authority of marauding soldiers when playing away games.

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