How Property Management Companies Can Handle Evictions

Having to evict a resident can be a challenging situation for property management companies. Daytona Beach property managers are prone to making mistakes during the process.  However, by going through each step of the process correctly, the eviction can be done expediently.  It all boils down to how the eviction notice is served.  There are several types of eviction notices that can be used for delinquent tenants.

Failure to Pay Rent
This is the most common type of eviction notice.  Because many tenants are given a grace period, this notice is served to tenants who may be a month or more behind on the rent.  Once the tenant is served with this type of notice, he or she is given a time frame (such as a few days or a week) to pay the rent in full or face eviction.

Fixing a Violation
If a tenant violates a part of the lease – such as keeping pets in the rental or disturbing the neighbors – the property manager can issue an eviction notice.  The tenant will be given a certain amount of time – such as one month – to correct the issue or face eviction.

30-Day or 60-Day Notice
Sometimes, property management companies can give eviction notices to tenants without any reason.  This is usually done when the units are converted into a different type of housing.  In this case, the tenant must be given at least 30 days’ notice, with some evictions giving tenants 60 days’ notice.  There may be exceptions for senior citizens, disabled people, and those who have lived in the units for a longer period of time.

Unconditional Notice
This notice is given to tenants who seriously violate their lease agreement or break the law.  Under this type of notice, the tenant must move out of the rental without any exceptions.  There is no time period given to fix any issues.

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