Find Ship Wrecks And Adventure With Scuba Trips In Key Largo

Whether you want to enjoy the reef and marine life or crave the discovery of a cave or wreck, scuba trips in Key Largo can help you get there. Scuba diving is a sport that many people enjoy as recreation or profession. Modern scuba diving is safe and easy to learn. Experience the ultimate in adventure with scuba trips in Key Largo. Discover fish, reef sharks, giant mantas, sea turtles, dolphins and more.

What type of scuba diving do you want to do? The most popular are:

Recreational scuba diving is fun. You can scuba dive at night, deep dive, photograph, search for wrecks and caves.

Technical scuba diving is for more advanced divers and requires specialized training, certification and equipment.

Commercial scuba divers dive for a living. They may build underwater structures such as oil platforms and salvage operations among others.

When searching for scuba trips Key Largo, scuba trips in Key Largo you will find various dive packages that are available. Some of these dive packages may include:

Accommodations during your stay

Dive trips for beginners and experienced certified divers

Tanks and weights

Snorkel gear and masks

Diving courses

Popular Dive Sites

Molasses Reef is full of great fish and beautiful scenery. It is a widespread reef with excellent snorkeling, and diving.

Christ of the Abyss is an 8 foot 4,000 pound bronze statue that stands in 25 feet of water and is a popular dive site.

The Benwood wreck is a ship which sank in 1942 off Key Largo and now lies in over 25 feet of water.

City of Washington is a popular wreck on Elbow Reef and is a great spot for snorkelers to spot some eels or barracuda.

The French Reef has caves to explore with ledges and tunnels.

The Spiegel Grove wreck is a 510-foot vessel which is now part of the artificial reef program

Snapper Ledge is a shallow reef in about 25 feet of water where you can find many Yellowtail Snappers around the site.

You can choose from numerous dive facilities. Look for one that is knowledgeable, experienced and certified for your scuba diving trip.

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