High Temperature Cable: Types & Uses

Are you in need of a durable cable that can withstand exceedingly high temperatures? Whether you’re wiring a commercial or residential stove, powering equipment in an iron mill, or setting up lighting fixtures, you need a high temperature wire that will serve as an excellent conductor. High temperature wire is used by homeowners, businesses, and industrial facilities to effectively and safely power different kinds of machines and equipment. When you need high-temp cable, it’s a good idea to consult a reputable manufacturer to ensure you’re getting what you need for the project or application you’re looking to complete.

Application Usage

High temperature wire can be used for numerous projects, and they’re available in several variations that are suited to different applications. For example, TGGT high temperature wire can be used to wire ovens, dryers, stoves, and other types of equipment in residential, industrial, and commercial environments. MGT high temperature wire can also be used for similar applications, but is also ideal for manufacturing plants, mills, and electric heaters. Typically, high temperature cable is fabricated with nickel coated copper or nickel conductors.


Custom Cable High Temperature Wire is designed to withstand harsher conditions than other types of cable, which is why it’s used to power ovens, heaters, kilns, heating cables, and other types of high-powered equipment. TGGT cable is 250 C with a voltage rating of 600 volts, while MGT is 450 C with a voltage rate of 600 volts. PVC insulated high temperature cable is commonly chosen for its durability and dielectric strength. High-temp wire insulated with PVC can withstand conditions up to 150 C, and is virtually impervious to harsh weather, chemicals, liquids, and oils.

Switchboard & Silicone Wires

Silicone wire and switchboard wire are also used as high temperature cable solutions. Typically, switchboard wire is constructed of cross-linked polyethylene compounds, and can withstand temperatures of up to 90 C. Additionally, switchboard wires are resistant to various forces and damage, including fires, scrapes, tears, and fungus. Silicone high temperature wire is ideal for situations that require mutability and flexibility. On that note, wiring involving electric appliances, lighting components, high-temp electronics, and motor leads is usually completed with silicone high temperature wire.

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