Help Save Energy and Reduce Your Waste By Recycling Fall River MA

The waste we generate comes in all forms, but some of the products we toss aren’t necessarily trash. For instance, aluminum cans are quite recyclable and Recycling Fall River MA can be very easy once you get the hang of it. Household recycling comes from numerous products including waste paper, glass and plastic, but even the materials we remove during a home remodel could be used in some fashion. For instance, old concrete from slabs can be recycled into new products and the steel reinforcement is easily reclaimed by the raw metals industry.

One of the most common metals in Recycling Fall River MA is aluminum. This is partly because we use aluminum for a variety of purpose, but it is also due to the fact that aluminum is so easily recycled. In fact it is much cheaper to recycle this metal that it is to collect the ore it is made from. Estimates calculate that aluminum recycling saves at least ninety five percent of the energy that it takes to mine the ore required to create aluminum. Plus, it results in a ninety five percent savings in air pollution. That’s pretty impressive and it doesn’t factor in any other pollution concerns or the damage that mining can cause to the planet.

While metals are some of the easiest and most common materials for Recycling Fall River MA, there are others that are pretty ordinary and some of these have been recycled for a number of years. One of these is cardboard. This material sees a lot of use in our country with so many people making purchases over the Internet. All of these boxes require a lot of paper to make them which is why recycling cardboard is so important. Another reason is the reduction in trees used for box creation and the reduction in energy consumption this production requires. Recycled cardboard saves approximately twenty four percent of the energy required versus creating new cardboard.

Recycling Fall River MA often uses special collection containers and contractors like ABC Disposal Service Inc. can provide whatever you require. For instance, there is a ninety five gallon tote available for commercial, industrial or residential installations. This handy carrier is useful because it is easily portable. You can also get eighteen gallon totes to use around the home which make sorting much easier.

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