A look at the different drain snakes available

Every home has drains in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room and perhaps the garage; these drains are all designed to carry liquid and semi-solid waste from the home into the septic system or the municipal sewer which carries the water to a sewage treatment plant. As efficient as drains are, they do get plugged or stopped up and drain cleaning in Minneapolis has to take place.

In many cases the clog can be cleared simply and easily using readily procured drain cleaners or appliances such as a plunger but for tougher clogs the professional drain cleaners use drain snakes. Drain snakes are nothing more than a flexible cable that has an auger device fitted on the end that enters the drain, when it reaches the clog the rotary motion of the snake allows the auger to clear the clog. These drain snakes are indispensible aids for cleaning drains and they come in many different shapes and sizes. Although there are several drain snakes, all of which are a little different, there are really only three that a professional plumber will carry in his van

Toilet auger: This snake is made expressly for use with clogged toilets. In many cases a toilet stoppage can be cleared with a plunger but at times something can get stuck that simply won’t move. The toilet auger is fed into the outlet drain with hand crank, the housing of the snake is curved to make cable entry easy and the fact that the assembly is plastic coated eliminates any chance of scratching the enamel surface.

Top snake: A top snake is the smallest of snakes and is more often than not used for unclogging the shower, tub, sinks and washing machines. This snake generally has a cable length of 25 feet which usually is more than enough to reach the clog. This snake, as are all, is available in both manual and electric operation, there is no doubt that an electric version is far easier to use.

Mini-rooter: A mini-rooter uses 3/8 inch flex cable with a length between 50 and 75 feet. This snake is ideal when you can gain entry into the drain through a clean-out or if you can remove the trap. They are ideal if you have to enter the drain through a roof vent as they have sufficient cable length.

Large drain rooter: These big-boys usually have 5/8 inch cable and at least 100 feet of it. These machines are used for larger diameter drains, perhaps 3 inches in diameter and up. These snakes are often used through the cleanout heading to the street. In many cases the problem that requires drain cleaning in Minneapolis to employ this large machine is roots that have grown into the drain pipe.

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