Heating and cooling for less

Heating and cooling in Manassas VA is the most expensive component of your energy bill. To rein these costs in, you should be giving thought to efficiency. The more efficient the system is, the less it will cost to operate, meaning a reduction in your total energy bill. Not only will your monthly household operating expenses drop, you will also be doing the environment a favor.


Think efficiency:

If you are in the process of building a new home or about to replace an old heating and cooling system, then you must consider what all the latest technological innovations are, how much do the various systems cost and how much energy do they use, which equates to cost of operation.

When you are looking at the various options, focus on energy efficiency. It may cost a little more up front but you will be paid back many times over by reduced operating costs.

* Look at the label: The companies that are involved in heating and cooling in Manassas VA all carry equipment where the energy consumption is specifies on the label or in the company’s literature. This information allows for comparison, model by model. This information is required by law and the law is enforced by the FTC.

* Energy Star: When you see the energy start label, you are looking a piece of equipment which has been certified by the EPA and DOE to have met a particular standard for energy efficiency.

What else can the consumer do?

There are many places where energy is wasted; the smart consumer will put his home up for an energy assessment.

The assessment:

When you do an energy assessment or audit you will be looking for places where you are wasting money. Look for air leaks in your house; it could be in the attic where there is insufficient insulation or through leaking air ducts. There are some communities that offer an energy assessment at no cost, thanks to the local utility company. If your community is not one of them, find out if there is a company that does heating and cooling in Manassas VA that has the specialty equipment to conduct a professional audit. The equipment usually consists of infra-red cameras to detect heat loss and calibrated blower doors that allow for thermo-graphic detailed inspections.

Seal air leaks:

After the audit is completed, make sure the recommendations are attended to.

* Seal any air leaks that were found, these will usually be at windows, doors and any place where pipes or electric cables go through a wall. The caulking around windows and weather-stripping is also a suspect area for leaks.

* Ducting can also separate between sections and air can leak out.

Many times, the company that does the audit is also in a position to make any modifications, once your house is sealed you can look forward to a lower energy bill.

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