What Potential Candidates Need to Know About a Face Lift Cincinnati OH

Aging will always be a normal part of life. For some though, the results of aging may be more visible or the person may not be comfortable with the way he or she looks. If one struggles with their appearance, a face Lift Cincinnati OH may be right for you. This procedure helps to reduce the visible signs of aging. Often, when a person undergoes a face lift, he or she elects to also have eyelid surgery or a brow lift for optimal results. Be aware that a face lift can’t stop the aging process or change the appearance fundamentally.

When one has a plastic surgeon in Dayton perform a face lift, sagging in the mid-face becomes less noticeable and fat that has become displaced or fallen will be eliminated. Deep creases along the nose, those which extend to the corner of the mouth, and those below the lower eyelids are removed. Those suffering from excess fatty deposits under the chin or loose skin in the area often choose to have this procedure to remove these flaws and the same is true of those have a loss of muscle tone in the lower face. The procedure removes the appearance of jowls.

Non-smokers who are physically healthy are good candidates for a face lift. The patient needs a positive outlook and he or she also needs to have specific goals they want achieved from the procedure. These goals must be specific in terms of how the patient wants the face lift to improve the appearance. Face lifts can produce results not seen with non-surgical treatments and this procedure is highly individualized. Patients need to do this for personal reasons, not because someone else thinks this would be a good idea.

Patients need to understand that several months will be needed before the swelling dissipates completely. Incision lines remain in place for up to six months also as they mature at different rates. After undergoing a face Lift Cincinnati OH, the patient must consistently use life-long sun protection to maintain the improved appearance. Sun protection helps to minimize sun damage and photo-aging. Patients who maintain a healthy lifestyle tend to have results that last longer also. Consider the above when determining if a face lift is right for you. For many, it is exactly what is needed.


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