Getting The Best Out Of Your Indoor Plants

I am neither a botanist nor a horticulturalist but I do believe that plants naturally belong out of doors. OK, there may be some things like mushrooms that naturally grow in caves and other places away from the daylight but, even those require watering and feeding. When mankind started to take plants inside they were all, in a way, Artificial Indoor Plants since they had been taken away from their natural element.

Artificial Climate

For a growing living plant to thrive indoors, the indoor climate needs to be adjusted to suit the needs of the plant. Artificial sunlight and rain will be needed along with fertilizers and pesticides and, even then, the plant might not survive as long as it would have done outside in its natural element. While the plant is surviving, its owner will have to cope with things like pruning and trimming as well as clearing up any dropped leaves, flowers or fruit.

Some people, especially city dwellers without access to a garden might consider raising indoor plants to be a fine hobby to donate time and effort to. Others may well decide that it is just too much hassle.

Or, Artificial Plants?

With Artificial Indoor Plants, all you have to do is decide what type of plant you want and then obtain it – you could even rent it. Once you have them in place, your Artificial Indoor Plants require almost nothing more of you. From time to time, you may need to dust or possibly wash them but that is the end of your involvement. You will have all the time you wish to simply admire the extremely realistic appearance of today’s Artificial Indoor Plants.

Artificial Indoor Plants Can Even Go Beyond Nature

Another problem with any living, growing plant is that it will go through seasonal changes. Flowering plants grow buds that open up into their flowers which then wither down to seeds and fall off. Without its flowers, a plant might not be particularly attractive for most of the year. Artificial flowering plants are always in bloom.

What if you really love to see shrubs and trees in their fall seasonal, multi-colored foliage? Even if you could get (say) a maple tree to thrive inside and remain small enough to fit in a room, how could you get it to stay permanently in fall mode? Of course, you can’t; unless, you opt for an artificial replica of a maple in fall. They can be so realistic that you may well catch guests feeling its leaves to see if they are real or not!

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