Getting an Annual Boiler Service in Bristol for Enhanced Comfort and Safety

In order to stay warm throughout winter you will need to get a good heating system installed. All central heating systems generate heat from a boiler, which is a closed vessel where vapour or steam is created. The most important part of the system, it normally sits on top of a burner, which burns fuel to produce heat. To avoid unexpected repairs and replacements, it’s important that you contact a professional for a boiler service in Bristol at least once a year. Highly recommended to keep the boiler operating safely, this service could save you a lot of money on your monthly heating bill.

What Happens During an Inspection?

Most companies will offer a boiler service in Bristol for under £10. During the inspection, the professional will remove the outer casing and inspect components for signs of corrosion and damage. Once he or she is happy with the condition of the components, the casing will be replaced and sealed. Following this, a gas pressure check will take place, before a test for unsafe emissions and flue test commence. Relevant findings will be detailed on the checklist and you can then decide when you want to get repairs completed. The sooner the better, because a faulty boiler could emit harmful gases, such as Carbon Monoxide (CO).

Increased Comfort

During winter, boilers are used more often than they are during summer and this means that the components will face more pressure at this time of year. In fact, one fifth of households in the United Kingdom reported a boiler malfunction In winter according to uswitch. As a result, the chances of the appliance breaking down are much higher, which is why you ought to pay for a boiler service in Bristol before the cold weather arrives.

Safety and Efficiency

Approximately 50 people are killed by Carbon Monoxide inhalation every year. Also known as the silent killer, it is a dangerous, tasteless and odourless gas that could present a health risk to anyone living in a property with a faulty boiler. With a regular boiler service in Bristol, gas leaks can be detected and fixed. Poor ventilation and combustion can be dealt with by the professional performing the service. Not only will this enhance safety but also, it will prolong the life of the appliance.

The team of installers at Gas World Ltd are qualified to perform a boiler service in Bristol for homeowners and commercial businesses.

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