Advanced Hosting Solutions

Advanced hosting solutions run the gamut from the establishment of cloud computing services to content delivery networks, and more.

Simply put, advanced hosting solutions are designed to make life easier. They take the worry of server maintenance, upgrades and possible failure out of the hands of business owners and personnel so they can focus on other aspects of the job.

In determining hosting needs, it’s important to consider the demands that non-hosted solutions make on the workplace. If you employ IT staff, they may spend a significant amount of their time maintaining non-hosted servers — especially in a highly technical or e-commerce environment.

One of the most important factors to remember about advanced hosting solutions is that they are customizable, and that an array of top-notch technical services are available for assistance in a number of different areas.

Options for Advanced Hosting Solutions
In customizing advanced hosting solutions for your workplace, you should start by determining which solutions will deliver the best fit for both your customers and your employees.

When it comes to email hosting, exchange email hosting enables businesses to embrace the full range of benefits of an email solution without the headaches of maintenance for servers and IT infrastructure.

Regarding basic features, exchange email hosting offers many features that non-hosted solutions lack.  These features include bandwidth and redundancy, professional administration, timely upgrades and regular maintenance.

Advanced hosting solutions may also include content delivery networks, or a series of servers configured across the Internet to provide consistency, reliability and fast service to customers receiving a wide range of goods. Content delivery networks assist with the successful delivery of a wide range of digital products, including applications, streaming media, social networks, and more.

Also included in the category of advanced hosting solutions, cloud hosting services offer public and private options in conjunction with cloud technology. Thinking in terms of public versus private, it helps to think of public clouds as the Internet and private clouds as the Intranet, or like an internal service. Use of the word “cloud” is typically a reference to the public cloud.

Cloud hosting options include advanced hosting services delivered to customers via multiple connected servers, or cloud, instead of being provided by one server or a virtual server.  Cloud hosting benefits include enhanced consistency and availability, in addition to lower costs.

Though it may seem unlikely with the adoption of advanced technology, an advanced hosting solution, or combination of advanced hosting services, typically reduce operating costs while improving customer service, reducing workplace headaches and freeing up work time.

With professional monitoring and maintenance, server failure and workplace disruptions are far less likely, which is a boon for any business that relies heavily on technology to provide goods and services.

And, let’s face it: These days, that’s just about every business.

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