Generator Rental in Baltimore MD: Considerations Before Picking a Generator

Before you rent a generator, it is crucial you ensure you are aware of your power requirements. Work with your team and find out how much voltage and maximum amperage you require and whether you should get a three-phase power as well as the length you will need it. Present the information gathered as well as a description of your intended use of the generator to a firm dealing in generator rental in Baltimore MD. The following information will help the experts at the rental agency determine the best generator for your needs.


Rental generators fall in different categories, some of them include:

* Portable generators

* Towable generators

* Trailer-mounted generators

* Entertainment production generators


Generators for rent are available in diverse sizes ranging from small generators to skid mounted units. The larger units are used in areas where greater outputs -; in terms of kilowatts and watts -; are required. You should only rent a generator that is the proper size to handle your application.

Power Source

Rental generators are powered by either diesel or gas. Some generators used for the provision of standby power even run on natural or propane gas. Most of the smaller generators run on gas and larger units are powered by diesel. Although diesel generators provide excellent power outputs, they are more costly than gas generators.

Environmental Concerns

In some applications, it is crucial that emissions and noise are reduced drastically. For example, an entertainment production generator should be quite enough not to disrupt an occasion or production. However, most generator manufacturers today strive to design more efficient and quieter models.

Safety Features

Make sure your rented generator is equipped with features that keep both equipment and people safe. Make sure that the generator you wish to rent has a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) system, which helps in the prevention of shocking people through shutting down the equipment when an electrical current leakage is detected.

To prevent damage to equipment, modern generators have shut down capabilities when the oil levels are too low. Some of these generators also have circuit breakers that protect them and tools attached to them to prevent overloading problems.

For more information on rental services and products that meet your generator requirements, contact your local generator rental in Baltimore MD or head over to .

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