Fun Foods to Try at Authentic Hawaiian Restaurants in Maui

Authentic Hawaiian Restaurants in Maui offer a wide variety of food on the menu, reflecting the different populations that have influenced the region’s cuisine. Tourists may enjoy eating meals in these establishments as well as ordering takeout for their day’s journey as they roam the island. When ordering takeout, it’s advantageous to patronize a restaurant that can serve full meals quickly without sacrificing flavor and quality.

Asian Flair

These kinds of Restaurants in Maui feature dishes of Japanese and Korean traditions. Visitors can expect to find Teriyaki chicken and hamburger sandwiches, seaweed, fried noodles and plenty of rice. Chefs might add a dash of their own Polynesian cooking style to these dishes.

Pupu Platters

These fun combinations of food are usually ordered as appetizers, but individuals and groups can also turn pupu platters into main dishes so everyone can sample several items. The platters include delicacies like fried shrimp, shrimp toast, egg rolls and pork spare ribs. Each item is relatively small, intended to require only a couple of bites.


Restaurants on a Pacific island could be expected to include numerous seafood choices on menus, and that’s true of establishments like Zippy’s Restaurants. Tuna and mahi-mahi are particular favorites. People who live on the mainland and have never eaten fresh tuna have no idea what they’ve been missing. Sushi is offered in many locations. Visit the website of this particular business to take a look at the menu.


People who don’t know a great deal about Hawaii may be surprised to learn of the prevalence of Spam canned meat in restaurants. The locals grew to love this food during World War II when meat was in scarce supply, and military troops stationed here were provided with Spam. Hawaiians, in general, eat a lot of this tinned meat, and that preference is demonstrated on restaurant menus.


Having breakfast at an authentic Hawaiian restaurant is intriguing for tourists who can try something entirely different than is typical back on the mainland. Omelets featuring Portuguese sausage or Spam along with rice are examples. Of course, patrons can order ham or bacon if they prefer. Click here for more information.

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