FAQs That a Probation Violation Lawyer in Lebanon County, PA Can Answer

In Pennsylvania, criminal defendants that don’t have a previous criminal history could receive probation for certain crimes. However, probation orders present stipulations that the defendant must follow or face an arrest and more criminal charges. A probation violation lawyer in Lebanon County, PA can clear all doubts regarding these requirements.

Are Defendants on Probation Allowed to Have a Firearm?

According to state laws, any defendant that is assigned probate or who is on parole is not allowed to possess any firearms. If the defendant is on probation, they must wait until their probation has concluded before purchasing or possessing firearms. If they are found in possession of a firearm, they could face additional criminal charges, and the court may impose the original sentence and revoke their probation.

Are Defendants Allowed to Travel on Probation?

The defendants are allowed to travel outside of the state after they secure a travel permit from their probation officer. If they don’t acquire a permit, they are in violation of their probation if they leave the state of Pennsylvania. Additionally, they could face more criminal charges for this failure to comply with their probation orders.

Does the Probation Officer Have to Provide Advance Notice for Drug Screenings?

No, the probate officer can perform random drug screenings at any time to determine if the defendant is using any controlled substances. Any defendant on probation that fails a drug test will be arrested and face the original penalties for their crime.

Are Defendants on Probation Allowed to Drink?

No, defendants aren’t allowed to drink any alcohol throughout the full term of their probation. The probation officer will test the defendant for the presence of alcohol at any given time as well. Any DUI offense can also lead to further charges and revocation of their probation.

In Pennsylvania, criminal defendants can be assigned probation for lesser crimes and regulatory infractions. A defendant who doesn’t have a previous criminal history may be given the option to acquire a plea bargain to get probation. Defendants who need a probation violation lawyer in Lebanon County, PA can contact the Law Office of Melissa R. Montgomery and schedule an appointment right now.

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