Full Exterior Service from Professional Landscaping Company

A professional landscape company offers much more than simply mowing the lawn. From hardscape construction to snow shoveling to tree removal in Boston and the surrounding area, landscape companies like Cambridge Landscape can install, maintain, and repair most any feature of the exterior of a home or business.

Of course, a landscape company offers regular lawnmowing, as well as many other types of maintenance. Mulching and planting, seasonal cleanup of fallen leaves or other tree debris, and even street sweeping are also avaliable from many companies. A full range of construction services should also be avaliable, including hardscaping (anything involving concrete paving) projects like swimming-pool installation, patio construction, deck construction, lawn installation, courtyard installation for business parks and other public spaces, and putting in retaining walls. Landscape companies also usually offer full installation, maintenance, and repair of lawn irrigation and sprinkler systems. In harsher climates like winters in New England, many landscaping companies also offer snow shoveling, plowing, and removal services, as well as salt and sand application to frozen sidewalks.

A professional landscape company handles all aspects of tree work and tree removal in Boston. Specific professional “arbor spacers” prune trees, as well as administering pest and disease control. If these aren’t enough to save a tree, the landscape company offers tree removal, often recycling the tree’s wood for firewood. They finish the job with stump grinding–removing all traces of the sick or dead tree.

Many professional landscape companies use only new equipment, custom-built to the company’s individual specifications. If a landscape company uses old or outdated equipment, as some independent contractors do, the homeowner or business owner should look elsewhere. Many professional landscape companies are mindful of environmental concerns, offering relatively new services like compost tea brewing. Rather than more conventional types of fertilizer, compost tea puts the homeowner’s organic garbage to good use by returning its nutrients to the soil. These environmentally-conscious companies often use hybrid-engine equipment, as well as keeping that equipment compliant with strict EPA standards and recycling all waste products from all landscaping projects. Eco-friendliness is another aspect of a professional landscape company that the customer should inquire about.

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