Common Reasons Why You Need Asphalt Driveway Repair In Bloomington, MN

If your driveway has cracks or potholes, it’s time to get these issues fixed. Small cracks can develop into potholes if they’re not repaired and driving over holes in your driveway can damage your vehicle. Below you’ll learn about common asphalt issues and when you need to hire a professional for driveway repair in Bloomington, MN.


It’s not uncommon for driveways, asphalt included, to develop cracks over time. Age, wear and normal ground movement can cause straight or zigzag cracks. What starts as a small hairline crack can quickly turn into a deep and long gap in your driveway. Water gets down into the cracks and during the winter, the water freezes as the temperature drops. When the water is frozen, it expands and makes the crack wider. During the fall season, inspect your driveway for cracks and if the cracks aren’t very big, you can easily fix them yourself. Your home improvement store carries asphalt crack filler and you can seal your small cracks in one afternoon by following the directions on the container.

Alligator Cracks

These types of cracks are commonly known as alligator cracks, because they consist of several small, irregular shaped cracks that resemble the hide of an alligator. These cracks can form due to drainage problems underneath the asphalt or heavy loads on the driveway. If you have these types of cracks in your asphalt, a professional will have to remove the area that’s cracked and replace it with new asphalt.


Water that seeps into asphalt cracks can reduce the strength of the soil and cause the asphalt to collapse. This action forms potholes in the asphalt and due to traffic and wear, the potholes get deeper and bigger in circumference. To get the potholes in your driveway patched, contact a professional who does driveway repair in Bloomington, MN before the holes damage your vehicle.

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