Free an ICE Detainee Today Using a Bail Bond Company in Clearwater, FL

ICE detention isn’t exactly the same as jail, but it’s detention nonetheless. Just as with pretrial detention, one needs a special surety bond to secure a detainee’s freedom. Here’s how an experienced bail bond company in Clearwater, FL can help process an immigration bond for an ICE detainee’s release.

Immigration Bonds 101

Individuals slated for deportation may find themselves in ICE detention if arrested while undocumented, or even while in possession of a green card. There is a misconception that ICE detainees must sit in jail. However, by paying an immigration bond to the detention center or a local immigration facility, a friend or third party can secure a detainee’s quick release until immigration proceedings commence.

Even if the ultimate ruling is deportation, the court always returns the immigration bond in full at the end of immigration proceedings. In this case, immigration bonds are very similar to traditional bail bonds. Both are types of surety bonds.

Surety Bonds 101

A surety bond is an agreement between a court, a detainee, and a bond agent. The bond is an incentive for the defendant to appear in court. It also makes the bond agent responsible for full payment of bail, should the defendant skip proceedings. Like bail bonds, immigration bonds can be paid for with cash or credit cards, or one can finance the bond, paying for it instead in more manageable installments over time.

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