Discover Person-Centered Compassionate Assistant Living in Prince George

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was a caring and supportive community nearby where every member was valued and appreciated? The good news is that there is. An outstanding advocacy group offers those with special needs a supportive and engaging environment. Learn more about a unique community program offering person-centered compassionate assistant living in Prince George.

A Place for Everyone to Feel that They Belong Near Me

The best communities are the ones who appreciate everyone’s differences. Part of what makes living in a community special is that good feeling each person gets knowing that this is truly where they belong. With the support of a loving community behind them, individuals and families with special needs kids can find a place where they can strive to reach their full potential every single day. When someone with special needs is ready, they can find a safe and inclusive assistant living for Prince George inhabitants with lots of support and guidance too for their family members.

Build Life & Employment Skills Within the Community

Families that have someone who has special needs often need some support and help. There are fantastic opportunities for those with special needs to learn both life and employment skills within their own communities. Each person in the program will have an individualized care plan specifically geared towards their unique needs.

Are There Any Special Needs Support Programs Near Me?

Several support programs nearby offer many services for anyone with special needs. Contact AiMHi at

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