Flood Damage in Livonia? Call a Water Restoration Company Immediately

Flood damage can happen in minutes and can have devastating consequences. Even homeowners that don’t live near rivers can experience flood damage in Livonia. Torrential rain can run along streets and land in homes located in low spots. Sewer systems can back up and small dams can break. Any of these can lead to water in the basement or even on the first floor. Wood floors, carpets, drywall, furniture, draperies and electrical wiring can all be ruined, when the water isn’t cleaned up immediately.

That’s why homeowners should call 1-800 Water Damage as soon as they have a problem. Most flood damage companies have emergency crews that can be at a job site in less than 90 minutes. The sooner they can start drying out a home, the less chance that there will be additional problems such as mold and mildew infestations. Homeowners should think twice about trying to clean up their homes. Depending upon the source of the water and what it traveled through to enter the home, it can be filled with unhealthy bacteria and viruses. Not only is it dangerous to let this water touch skin, it could be dangerous to even breathe it. Children and animals should be kept away from anything it touches.

Water damage experts arrive at a home that has experienced flood damage Livonia problems with large vacuums that can pull standing water out of the home quickly and efficiently. Once the standing water has been removed the team brings in giant heaters and dehumidifiers to dry the house out. If they notice spots that look like bacteria have set it, they have solutions that will kill them. Within hours the team can have the house dry. That’s only the beginning. It has to be thoroughly cleaned and checked out. Some floor boards or drywall may have to be replaced. Electricians will have to make sure that the electric wiring wasn’t damaged.

Unlike some storm repair jobs, this can’t wait until the insurance company has reviewed the claim. Water restoration companies work with insurance companies all of the time under these circumstances. They will know how to present the damages and remediation efforts to get the claim approved quickly.

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