The Different Uses of Wholesale Tortillas in New York City at a Mexican Restaurant

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Every great Mexican food restaurant needs the best, most authentic ingredients to make their dishes memorable. One food staple in Mexican kitchens is tortillas. Buying Wholesale Tortillas in New York City area is the easiest way to keep this popular ingredient on hand. Before placing an order, however, be sure to understand the best uses for the different types of tortillas.

Corn Tortillas

Tortillas made from masa, the Spanish word for corn, are perhaps the most common type of tortilla in Mexican culture. Restaurants should keep a large quantity of corn tortillas on hand. Fresh tortilla chips are a popular and simple way to prepare corn tortillas. Simply cut the tortillas into quarters and deep fry the pieces. These chips are delicious when served alongside spicy salsa or tangy guacamole.

Corn tortillas are naturally gluten-free. This is a huge draw for customers looking to avoid gluten for health reasons. They are also lower in fat than other alternatives, and they contain fewer carbohydrates than flour.

Flour Tortillas

Many Mexican restaurant patrons agree that nothing tastes better than a hot, freshly made flour tortilla. Wholesale Tortillas can be purchased that are ready to be heated and served. When warmed on a flat griddle, pre-made tortillas taste almost identical to homemade. Flour tortillas are commonly used for fajitas and soft tacos. They are also delicious when deep fried. Unlike corn tortillas, which become very crunchy when fried, flour tortillas remain soft and flaky. Fried flour tortillas are the main ingredient in sopapillas, a Mexican pastry that is covered in cinnamon and sugar.

Flour tortillas are traditionally made out of white flour. Whole wheat tortillas, however, are currently in high demand. Some restaurants also serve flavored flour tortillas as a tasty option. Spinach, cayenne pepper, and tomato are some examples of flavored flour tortillas.

Tortillas are a main ingredient in Mexican meals. Most every popular Mexican dish requires either corn or flour tortillas. Restaurant owners should make sure to keep a high inventory of both types of tortillas on hand. Buying Wholesale Tortillas in New York City can help restaurants save money on food costs, while also giving them a way to buy tortillas in bulk. Purchase only the best, most authentic tortillas to give your customers a true taste of Mexican culture.

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