Five Chocolate Party Favors to Drive Your Guests Wild

Using chocolate party favors is only successful when you place a premium on taste. Even good chocolate is affordable so there’s no excuse for skimping. Bad chocolate will leave your guests frowning. Fortunately, the following five products can be found in 100 percent Belgian chocolate that is pure enough to be kosher certified:

Chocolate Hearts

Kids love chocolate and girls love hearts. Put the two of them together and you wind up with a delightful decoration for any young woman’s party. Found in a variety of colorful wrappers, chocolate hearts add to the festivities and snacks without breaking the bank. They’re also unique enough to offer up a pleasant surprise people will ask about.

Chocolate Cigars

Gone are the days of smoking rooms and men waiting out births together while one of their pals waits for a baby to be born. Despite the changes of the times, cigars have remained a birth announcement mainstay. For people who live smoke-free lives or don’t want to encourage bad habits, giving chocolate cigars instead of ones made of tobacco leaves makes a great first impression. They’ll smell better when they are unwrapped too.

Chocolate Casino Chips & Playing Cards

Chocolate party favors come in all kinds of themes. A night where you’re handing out cigars might easily merge with another scene. Serve up a plate of chocolate casino chips at your next fun gambling or auction night. Big winners can snack for ages and losers can get their fix at any local convenience store. For special events, chocolate casino chips can often have their wrappers customized.

Take this gambling gag a step further with chocolate playing cards. Because the product is well-preserved at room temperatures, it makes sense to keep temperatures around 72 degrees. Also, you may want to hand out real playing cards for playing or extra decks that aren’t meant for eating.

Chocolate Medallions

Moderate diet and exercise is the key to good health. Nothing promotes that better than chocolate medallions used to reward backyard Olympics. Whether set up for a personal party or community event, these chocolate party favors can’t be beat. They’ll win over all the participants by bringing the sweet taste of victory to life and giving all the participants something to savor after your event.

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