The Various Attachments Available for Neck Lanyards

by | Jan 2, 2013 | Marketing & Advertising

Both businesses and individuals make good use of lanyards for a variety of reasons. Businesses often require their employees to wear them as a way to indicate they are an employee of the company. Individuals may wear them to keep close track of certain personal items. Businesses even use them as promotional giveaways at trade shows and other events. Understanding which types of attachments you can choose for your neck lanyards can help you determine their many uses.

Key Chains

Your keys are important to you, whether they are to your home, car or office. If you are constantly misplacing your keys, adding a key ring to the bottom of your custom lanyard can help you keep close track of your keys. This can also be a useful tool for children who leave home with their house key. You don’t want them to misplace it or lose it out of their pocket. If they wear it around their neck, they are far less likely to lose it.

Plastic Pouch

You may have seen neck lanyards that feature a plastic pouch on the end. This plastic pouch can hold any number of items, allowing you to keep those items close at hand. Whether you choose to put your identification card at work or your driver’s license in it or you use it to keep your tickets safe at an amusement park, this plastic pouch can keep everything safe. Some people even choose to keep extra cash or even cell phones in these pouches.

Various Clips

Another common attachment to the end of lanyards is various types of clips. These clips will allow you to attach just about anything that has an area that is easy to clip on. For instance, you can carry a water bottle so you always have something to drink with you or perhaps you want to carry around your flash drive so you always know where it is.

There are so many uses for neck lanyards it can be difficult to know them all. However, if you understand which types of attachments these lanyards can have, you will be able to see what uses you may have for these lanyards. Whether you are looking to keep track of your keys, need a place to store your ID or some cash or you want to clip something onto the lanyard, there are attachments that can make it possible.

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