Finding Vets That You Can Trust With Your Beloved Animals

Rescue or blue blood, sassy or cuddly, diva or darling, our pets have a special place in our lives and in our hearts. They bring joy, humor and companionship daily. In return we love them like a family member and want the very best for them.

Caring for an animal friend can be challenging. Knowing what they need when they can’t tell us can be tricky. Having a reputable animal hospital in Chicago can help you navigate the medical needs of your pet. Start your journey with us when you bring in your pet for a free first-time exam. This exam will include a temperature check, examination of the coat, eyes, teeth and paw pads. We will check the abdomen and even trim the toenails if they need it.

We will gain your trust with our experience and dedication to your animal’s care and comfort. Routine care like dental cleanings, vaccinations and weight management are some of the ways we keep your pet healthy. We can suggest daily supplements and medications for animals with special dietary needs.

When you search for an animal hospital in Chicago, you want a clean, modern facility. Emergencies happen and animals suffer from accidents and injuries just like we do. Our hospital is ready for emergency and expected surgeries including bladder stone removal, tooth extractions and even some orthopedic surgeries.

If your fur baby suddenly becomes sick, we have an on-site laboratory and digital radiographic diagnostics. This makes it easy to get fast results from blood work, urinalysis and cytology tests. The faster the diagnosis, the faster the treatments can begin.

We can fill prescriptions here at the clinic and have it ready for your pick-up.

At Portage Park Animal Hospital and Dental Clinic, your pet’s health is our priority. Come and visit us today.

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