How to Find an Arborist in Westport, Connecticut

When a homeowner has to decide when it’s time to remove a tree or is thinking about saving a tree, they need to consult an Arborist in Westport Connecticut that genuinely cares about trees. They need a service that has experience in all facets of tree care. This should entail pruning, the safe removal of hazardous trees, and the continuing care of trees.

Find a Service That Can Diagnose Any Tree

Homeowners should find an arborist that will carefully consider different factors when evaluating trees. These should entail any signs of decay, the environmental conditions, the condition of the root system, and the history of the specific tree. Sometimes, the health of the tree can be improved through fertilizing, pruning, mulching, or air spading.

Does The Tree Have To Be Removed?

Customers should find an Arborist in Westport Connecticut whose primary goal is to restore trees to good health whenever doing so is possible. Sometimes, though, some trees will not be able to be saved. There are several factors that determine if a tree should be removed. If the tree is dying, dead, or has suffered damage and poses a safety hazard, it should be taken down. Also, if the tree poses an overwhelming obstacle, it will have to be removed. One other reason for removal is if the immediate area already has too many trees, as this can be harmful to the surrounding trees and stunt their growth.

Find a Company That Can Protect Trees From The Elements

Trees can suffer serious damage when struck by lightning. Finding an arborist such as Northeast Horticultural Services can protect trees from potentially dangerous lightning strikes. They have experience installing lightning protection systems. These entail a series of cables and rods that redirect the electricity from lightning through the cable and into the ground without damaging the tree.

Deal With a Connecticut Leader

Those in need of tree service can log onto They will learn about more than just tree care services available but also plant care and landscaping services. The experts also have the right trucks, tools, and equipment to get any job done correctly.

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