Consider These Things for Your AC Installation in St. George, UT

Either pay for an overpriced system or overheat. Those seem to be the two options when purchasing a new air conditioning unit; however, if you look in the right place, you can still find fairly-priced, high-quality equipment along with exceptional installation for your home or business.

When you consider a new air conditioning system, work with your technicians to determine the best possible option for your home and keep in mind some of the following factors.

Have Your Installation Team Check Out the Ductwork

Your new AC installation could simply involve hooking a new unit to an existing ductwork system, but sometimes ductwork needs to be replaced. Have your technicians check for some of the following issues:

  • Wet ductwork made of something other than metal
  • Moldy ductwork
  • Broken or smashed sections
  • Ductwork that is too large or too small

Ductwork that is the wrong size may not be pressurized enough to properly cool your home, and dirty or moldy ducting can be potentially dangerous; in these cases, your AC installation should include work on ducting as well. Click here for comprehensive AC services.

Consider Unit Sizes

AC installation in St. George, UT will have a variety of options for units and people often incorrectly assume that bigger units are better, which isn’t true.

Cooling units that are too small obviously can’t keep up, but units that are too large are extremely inefficient; not only will they fail to properly cool your home but they will use more energy in the process.

Your AC installation team should be knowledgeable of these facts, notice faults in your ductwork, and be aware of other aspects such as the compatibility or your indoor and outdoor unit so you will have the most efficient system cooling your home.

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