Features And Options To Consider With A Verticut Machine

Creating precise cuts for package cut off is important for any lumber producer. Using the latest in technology and systems to effectively and efficiently manage this process offers a more cost-effective, less wasteful option to speed up processing of lumber packages.

The selection of a Verticut machine is the best option in producing quality lumber packages simply, effectively and with minimum waste. Looking for specific features in these types of systems allows a lumber mill to select the right machine for their given application, production levels and requirements.

Hydraulics for Reliability and Power

Hydraulics are used in a Verticut machine to both move the lumber packages as well as to control the vertical package cut off saw. The use of premium hydraulics provides the power needed to cut through the lumber packaging with clean, neat end cuts.

These systems can typically handle both sixteen and twenty-foot lumber package, and the hydraulic power unit fully controls the movement of the saw bar, resulting in a precision cut even with the larger lumber packages. As the movement is smooth and controlled, there is a smooth final cut surface with every package. Adding an even ending systems and the option for an outfeed deck allows for faster processing and smooth, seamless operation.

Technology and Features

A few of the essential features on any Verticut machine have been mentioned above, but the addition of advanced technology offers even more control and production potential.

The addition of a laser light as a saw light guide and the choice of electronic length measurements provides consistently even lumber packages. When paired with digital readout for operator control, this is an additional feature that is highly recommended.

Other features to consider including a strapping station and a waste management system integrated into the basic design. Automatic controls are another feature well worth consideration, particularly when minimal operator involvement is seen as an advantage.

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