Factors that Help Determine the Premiums for Car Insurance in Monterey

Shopping for car insurance in Monterey is easy when you choose a company that offers quotes online. This allows you to get rates from one or more insurers without even leaving your home or office. Quote sites aren’t the only ones that offer this service. You can also get multiple quotes from brokers like Coast Auto Insurance. Using brokers can grant you access to policies from insurers that the big quote sites might not offer, so they can provide cost savings you wouldn’t otherwise know about.

Many factors go into determining the price of auto insurance in general. The most obvious one is the level of coverage you choose. Getting the legal minimum level of insurance will be cheaper than getting every possible coverage type. This, however, often isn’t a smart idea. Most states don’t require you to have coverage to pay for collision damage to your own car or to cover its replacement in case of theft. While it’s legal to test your luck in these areas, many will find it smarter to get the coverage.

Your driving record is another factor in the pricing of car insurance in Monterey. Insurance companies like “good risks” – that is to say, drivers who aren’t likely to get into a situation that results in a claim. Points on your record or a history of accidents tell insurers that they are more likely to have to pay if they insure you. Therefore, they increase the rates if your driving record isn’t pristine. How high of an increase you’ll face depends on the number of points on your record, prior accidents that have resulted in claims, and similar things.

Other things that affect your risk also count. If your car has an alarm system included, many companies will offer a discount because of it. If you always wear your seatbelt, this usually results in a rate cut as well. One thing to keep in mind is that many insurers offer substantial discounts if you cover more than one item with them. This can be done by insuring multiple cars, but it can also include things like getting house insurance from the same company. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to consider using the same insurer for all of your assets. Tweet us on Twitter!





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