Should You Choose Wholesale Plastic Bags or Paper Bags for Your Business?

In recent years, plastic bags have received a significant amount of negative press, mostly due to the space that they take up in landfills. Plastic bags are also viewed as being wasteful, since most people are unlikely to recycle them and many are thrown out after one use. At the same time, however, these bags have many positives, both environmentally and otherwise, so you should definitely consider wholesale plastic bags for your business.

Benefits of Paper Bags
Generally speaking, paper bags are easy to recycle because you can simply throw them in the recycle bin. In addition, they are not petroleum based like plastic bags, so they do not use up any of our valuable fossil fuels. The majority of businesses that use paper bags do so because they are viewed as being more environmentally friendly. While this might be true on the surface, there is more that goes into the equation than the materials used.

Benefits of Plastic Bags
Plastic bags are less expensive to make and take up less space than paper bags. Therefore, they are less expensive to transport, do not use as much landfill space and use less utilities to produce. A bulk order of 1000 paper bags weighs about 140 pounds, while a lot of wholesale plastic bags weighs only 15 pounds. This difference in weight means that it takes less fuel to move plastic bags from one location to another, which makes up for the petroleum that is used in their production. It also takes up less space to store the same quantities of bags. It should also be noted that people are more likely to reuse plastic bags, since they do not break down as quickly as papers bags and, therefore, work well for storing garbage and other items.

Making a Choice
If you are looking to implement some branded bags into your branding strategy, you will have some decisions to make. Since plastic bags have earned a poor reputation over the years, you do run the risk of receiving some backlash if you choose them. At the same time, as more information is released, customers are sure to learn that plastic is not as bad as it is cracked up to be and might actually be better for the environment than paper.

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