What To Expect From A Vet in Bowie

Household pets are easily considered an equal member of the family, which has caused the pet care industry to expand in recent years to accommodate the needs and desires of those animals and their owners. Their health and happiness are as important as that of a child’s (at least in the owners’ eyes!), and most owners will jump to find a quality veterinary clinic at the first sign of discomfort. Whether the animal is common or exotic, professionals are trained to help. However, this may raise the question; what assistance can one expect from their local vet in Bowie?

The Curative

Animal hospitals tend to be large facilities, structured to hold several exam rooms, organized surgical prep stations and suites, a house laboratory, dental station, and for contagious cases, an isolation ward. Minor appointments for check-ups, vaccinations or other preventative methods, can be scheduled, and more invasive visits can be requested as well. Any surgical procedures are thoroughly discussed with owners by doctors, including after-care tactics to ensure a smooth recovery. The risks of surgery are greatly reduced by the use of anesthesia equipment, and by monitoring the animal’s vital signs. Click here for more information.


Planning and preparing for a trip is stressful enough, before adding the concern for the furry-friend you have to leave behind. Boarding options are the perfect alternative for those who don’t want to leave their animal in a home by themselves. Comfortable suites are given to each resident and are offered plenty of play time and walking opportunities, as well as accommodatable services to special diets, and needs during their stay.

The Cosmetic

Grooming services keep your pet’s fur tame include bathing, brush-outs, and haircuts. Nail trimming, ear cleaning, and plucking are a few of the other critical cosmetic methods extended to ensure the animal’s comfort and cleanliness.

Accounting for all areas of an animal’s health is what a professional animal hospital strives to achieve. Gambrills Veterinary Center has the expertise to provide an array of progressive and up-to-date treatments for pets with the compassion any owner would expect from their quality vets in Bowie.

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