An Emergency Backup Generator Provides Electrical Services in Winnetka During Power Outages

Electricity powers many household appliances and equipment. When a storm or other disaster cuts off power to the home, the impact can be devastating. Without heat, pipes can freeze and burst. Refrigerators and freezers go warm and thousands of dollars of food can be lost. Homeowners fearful of losing their electrical services in Winnetka have hired Penco Electric Inc. to install emergency back up generators. These sophisticated devices no longer need to be started manually. They sense when the outside electric sources goes off and start immediately. They also shut off automatically when the power returns. Not only does this ensure that a homeowner wakes up to a warm house, it allows them to go on vacation during the winter without worry.

Homeowners should discuss their power needs with a licensed electrician before purchasing a generator. The electrician will help them decide how much power they need to maintain their electrical services in Winnetka. Some families are content to have the heat, refrigerator and a few lights on. Other families want to be able to also take hot showers, watch television and run their computers. Since the generator has to be hooked up to the home’s electrical system, it’s important that the family hire a licensed electrician that is insured and bonded. If something goes wrong, his insurance will cover the cost and not the homeowner’s insurance.

Once a backup emergency generator is in place, it needs to be serviced on a regular basis to ensure the availability of electrical services in Winnetka. Most electrical contractors such as Penco Electric, Inc. have maintenance programs to ensure that the generator works when it has too. Usually the program contains between 1 and 3 inspections, parts and labor and a remote monitoring service. The technician checks the oil filter, air filter, spark plugs, and engine oil. They also check the battery and connections. This is particularly important if the homeowners like to take extended vacations or travel for business. They know that their generator will keep the heat working and the freezer cold when it has to. Companies generally give priority to service plan members when they are responding to emergency calls.

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