Bed Bug Infestation? Hire a Bed Bug Control Company in Phoenix, AZ

Homeowners are usually shocked when they find out the rashes they’ve been waking up with are caused by bed bugs. They mistakenly think that bed bug infestations are caused by a dirty home. They aren’t. People often bring them home when they’ve been traveling. It doesn’t matter if they stay in pristine luxury hotels. If the hotel guest before them had bed bugs in their clothing and luggage, there’s a good chance that they spread to the hotel room. Then anyone who stays in it can bring them back to their home. The only effective way to deal with bed bugs is to contact Bed Bug Control in Phoenix, AZ.

When the trained technician arrives he inspects the house to determine the source of the infestation and how widespread it its. If it’s in one small location such as a single mattress or easy chair. The homeowner can decide whether they want to throw out the piece of furniture or treat it. If the homeowner decides on treating the infestation, it will take three to four treatments over a six to eight week period. This gives all of the eggs a chance to hatch. Since bed bugs feed off of human blood, they can spread diseases such as hepatitis. Therefore it is important to get the infestation under control.

Homeowners who are opposed to using chemicals in their home can choose to treat the infestation with a very high heat treatment. A Bed Bug Control in Phoenix, AZ company closes all the doors and windows. If they note that the windows or doors leak air, they will cover those areas with plastic. They then bring in large industrial heaters, that raise the temperature in the home to over 400 degrees. The house is kept at this temperature for several hours. This is enough time for all of the mature bed bugs and bed bug eggs to be killed. Only one treatment is required.

When travelers return, they should not bring their luggage into their house. All clothing should be heated in the clothes dryer and the luggage heated with a hair dryer.

When people travel they need to be aware of the possibility of bed bugs.

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