Have Your Dog Groomed in a Happy and Healthy Environment

Having your dog groomed is about more than just finding a facility that understands the grooming process for different breeds. It is also about finding an environment that is conducive to learning and training your dog to behave properly so they can be happy while being bathed. It is always a good idea to start having your pet groomed when they are puppies. This will set up good habits provide by excellent grooming facilities. Not every dog grooming facility is capable of offering good grooming experiences, however. Professional dog grooming in Westchester, NY, can be found by consulting with businesses that have been in the pet industry for many years.

Groomers Should Be Involved in a Labor of Love

Bathing and grooming dogs can be an arduous task. The actual act of bathing a dog can be exhausting and takes time for both the groomer to actually accomplish the physical act of bathing, and training the dog to understand what is expected of them. In order for your pet to enjoy a rewarding experience, they need to be groomed by professionals that understand the temperament of animals and act accordingly without harsh punishments that could harm an animal. A dog can feel when a person handling them is full of praise and love verses those incapable of handling them.

A Pet’s Experience Should Be Rewarding

In order to encourage a dog to behave properly while being groomed, it is imperative for the groomer to understand that love, praise and a few tasty treats are detrimental. Dogs may fight the initial grooming process, much like children protest bathing. They are being put in a situation they are unfamiliar with for the first few times. Experienced groomers understand how to set your pet at ease so they can be groomed to perfection!

Common Pavlov Techniques

A dog may be unable to reason with a human being, but they are not incapable of learning through association. When a groomer helps an animal associate a good experience with a brush, comb or bath on a continuous basis, they will grow to associate a good experience with that particular action. Over the process of a few months, dogs will come to trust and look forward to being groomed.

NY Breeder offers some of the best dog grooming in Westchester, NY. First time visits may be difficult, but the process becomes a treat for dogs and owners that want their pets to look absolutely magnificent.ve

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