Children And Gifts

Without doubt children and other people’s kids can be the most demanding and obstinately difficult individuals to get the best presents for. Whether it’s Christmas a birthday or any other special occasion the surefire way to get this wrong is to guess, to achieve the opposite result, the best policy is to ask those who are responsible for the child. For instance we have all seen the look on a child’s face which basically says “what is this, I have no need or interest in this and so do not want it. The best way to avoid this is to get the child what they want, even if, as the giver have no idea what that might be saying yes and no.

None of this is supposed to impart the belief that children should get what they want all the time, as a babysitter and au-pair I have been on the receiving end of this most distasteful state of affairs. Having said this children have the right to be appreciated for who they are and rewarded when they “do the right thing”, whatever that may mean. We have all I think, in some sense experienced the following story. As a 12 year old I wanted a 10 gear racing bike, which at the time cost about 200USD (£120:00), the response from my parents was an emphatic NO! At first yes I did throw the proverbial tantrum, at that age a shocking display in itself, and yes I should have known better.

On my bike

At school the next Monday, my more streetwise and pragmatic friends said, “well why don’t you come to my dad’s shop and get a paper round, you can get whatever you like then”. This is exactly what happened and on telling my disbelieving parents news there attitude changed. Why because I had taken control and as such the y agreed to meet me halfway. On top of this is also got all kinds of extras to go with the bike. It was stolen 3 months later, but that is not the point. The best gift for kids of all ages is that they start to learn to be self-reliant and believe they can achieve any and all of their aspirations.

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