The Differences Between a Public Defender and a Criminal Law Attorney in Grand Forks, ND

by | Aug 14, 2017 | Criminal Defense

Many people who get arrested have the option of working with a public defender or obtaining the money needed to hire a criminal law attorney in Grand Forks, ND. While a public defender is free, a person is going to want to at least consider hiring their own attorney, as this gives them a much better chance of a good outcome for their situation.

More Time Spent on the Case

A public defender has a huge number of cases to deal with at the same time and likely only has a tiny bit of time to spend on each case. They won’t have time to fully research any odd issues with the case and will likely treat it like every other case they’re given. This means they’re likely going to advise the person to take the fastest solution for the case. A hired lawyer doesn’t take on as many cases and, therefore, has a lot more time to spend on each case they do take.

More Personalized Attention

Personalized attention means each case is treated as if it’s unique and the attorney will work hard to find a better solution than just accepting a plea deal or a guilty verdict. A public defender often doesn’t have the time to give each time personalized attention as this means spending more time on it.

Assistance Whenever It’s Needed

A public defender can answer any questions the person might have, but it’s often hard to get a hold of them because of how much work they need to do. A hired attorney, on the other hand, has more time to devote to each case and, therefore, has more time to spend answering any questions the person might have. They’ll find it’s easier to get a hold of the attorney to get answers to any questions they might have and to work on their case.

If you’ve been arrested, hiring a criminal law attorney in Grand Forks, ND is definitely a good idea. Get the help you need to get a much better outcome for your case and to try to avoid a conviction and jail time. Get more information by speaking with an attorney today.

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