Deter Thieves and Get Peace of Mind with Burglar Alarms in Guildford

Millions of crimes are committed throughout the United Kingdom every year, many of which are burglaries. From vandalism to the theft of personal belongings, a burglary is punishable by the law if the criminal is caught. For justice to be served, proof of the crime is essential. By getting burglar alarms in Guildford fitted inside your home not only can you enjoy a heightened sense of security but also, you can gain prompt assistance from the police in the event of a burglary. Not sure if a home security system is for you? Read on to discover the benefits.

Safety and Fire Protection

One of the main appeals of a security system is the added level of security it provides. Offering good protection from intruders, they can be mounted anywhere. Most will be visible from the exterior of a property, therefore the chances of someone trespassing and attempting a break-in will lower once you get the system fitted by a professional. The great thing about burglar alarms in Guildford is that they are usually designed with built-in smoke detectors, which alert you in the event of a fire. Your life and property could be saved if you get one of these all-encompassing systems installed in the home.

Many Options Available

You will be spoiled for choice when shopping for top-of-the-line home security alarm systems, because advancements in technology mean that there are numerous options to choose from. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

1. CCTV – Images captured on CCTV cameras are transmitted to a linked device, so you can alert the police if necessary.

2. Wireless Alarm – Easy to install, these alarms are fitted with battery-powered sensors.

3. Bells-Only Alarm – When triggered these alarms make a loud noise, which tends to scare intruders away.

4. Infrared Burglar Alarms – These alarms detect changes in temperature and notify you if an intruder is present.

Police Assistance

No matter what type of burglar alarms in Guildford you choose, your main priority will likely be getting police assistance. A monitored alarm system will be connected to a receiving centre. Should the alarm sound, a caller from the centre will ask for identification verification, before sending out a police aid straight away. Police assistance is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week with these systems, making them a good choice.

It doesn’t matter what size property you own, because when you get burglar alarms in Guildford installed by the team at A1 Security Systems Ltd, you can benefit from the maximum level of protection.

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