Custom Glass Replacement in Downers Grove

by | Aug 6, 2015 | Glass

Custom glass replacement in Downers Grove for residential and commercial customers is quick, easy, and cost effective. Having glass designed, fabricated, and installed by the manufacturer cuts out the separate interior designer fees and ordering fees. It also eliminates delays and mistakes. Home and business owners can have as much, or as little, input into the design as they desire. They can provide measurements of the space and let the designer do the rest, or work with the designer to develop concepts, consider glass options, and include a logo or business name.

Shower enclosure designs can solve many bathroom issues. A small bathroom can be overcrowded with a standard shower. Having one custom made will fit better in the space and make the room appear bigger and brighter. Rectangular showers along a wall can be perfect for a guest bathroom, or a basement bathroom. Adding showers to more bathrooms will increase the value of the property. Different shower doors can also help in tight spaces. Bi-fold doors have sliding panels and work well in very small spaces. Frame-less doors make the space seem more open, due to minimal hardware. Custom mirrors and doors can change the total look and feel of a room. Replacing a small, framed mirror with a full length one, for example, brings out the beauty and color of the carpet and furniture. The entire room looks different with no other change in decor and no costly remodeling.

In commercial situations, Glass Replacement in Downers Grove can lead to a whole new look. Storefronts, counters, shelving, divider walls, display cases, and even staircases can be replaced with a different type of glass. Laminated glass, for example, provides a glossy finish and is easier to include logos, designs, a slogan, or the business name. Textured or patterned glass can add more privacy to offices and reception areas. Reflective or insulated glass can help businesses cut energy costs. Plexiglas provides safety, and tempered glass provides extra security. If the replacement is due to vandalism, tempered glass may be a better options than the standard glass that was originally there. Wired glass is the most durable kind. Manufacturers, like Bolingbrook Glass, provided services that are fast and surprisingly cost-effective.

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