Improving the Amount of Residential Natural Light With New Windows in Santa Clarita, CA

Plentiful natural light in a residential setting has a large number of benefits. It has been shown to increase productivity, to improve mood, and to be mentally stimulating. When people buy a home that has too few Windows in Santa Clarita CA or windows that are too small, they may hire a contractor to see whether the situation can be improved.

Evaluating the Structure

The contractor must evaluate the structure of the rooms to determine whether the walls will support an extra window or a larger one. Adding windows may not be possible in every room. New Windows in Santa Clarita CA might be placed in a long hallway with an exterior wall, but this may not be feasible in a small bathroom tucked between two bedrooms.

When Other Renovations Are Required

In other cases, there is no way to add a window where the new homeowners ideally would like one, so a different kind of remodeling would be necessary. An obvious case would be a kitchen sink that has been installed back-to-back with bathroom plumbing. In this situation, the sink would need to be moved to a different wall where a window currently is in place or could be added.

Enlarging the Amount of Glass

Enlarging the amount of the glass can be done by extending the window beyond the wall. A contractor like Palmdale Glass and Mirror Company accomplishes this with bay, bow and garden windows. A bay or bow window could replace a picture window, and a garden window might replace a flat one in the kitchen. Many people like to use bow windows as seating areas, where they can relax and look outside. Bay windows always have three panes, whereas bow windows have more. That creates a curved appearance for the window.

Shielding and Shading

In this warm climate, the household residents may want more natural light while also being concerned about hot sunshine in the afternoon and early evening. On excessively warm days, they can block the sun with heavy window blinds or shades. Another possibility is to have retractable awnings installed that enhance the beauty of the exterior and create shade inside.

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