How to Create a Professional Brochure

If you want to start a series of brochures to use for your business or just require one, brochure printing in Los Angeles area offers is the final step in creating professional brochures. If this is your first time around and you cannot afford to work with a professional graphic designer or ad agency you want to ensure your efforts and investment are worth it. Here are a few tips to assist you in creating a brochure that will be effective and look professional.

What’s Your Story?

Make sure there is a purpose for your brochure. You want to share a story whether it is a brief history about your company and the products or services you offer, a mini catalogue showing products and prices, informational brochures relevant to your industry or promotional brochures or menus. Once you know what your story is you can then decide if one brochure will be enough. On a limited budget you can decide to do a company piece that covers off all the main points about your business with contact information. If you have a bit more money you can choose to categorize your departments or services so there is more information that is specific and customers can choose the one that is relevant to their needs. A big budget can have a series of brochures with even more specific information for each service or product. Once you know what your message is all about you can begin composing copy and using pertinent headings and bullet points is the best approach for brochures as it offers more information and is easier to read.

What’s Your Design?

The beauty of computers is that there are many programs available that will provide very attractive templates. If you are comfortable with computers you can probably make your brochures in any program including Word and Power Point. However for a small investment you can find a number of graphic design programs that will help you refine your design skills and that you can use to design your own brochures as well as ads and signage. Some printers may even have a template to share with you. These templates and programs will make brochure design a snap allowing you to simply drop in your copy and relevant images. One rule of thumb however is to use the same template for all of your brochures to help provide a consistent look for your brand.

When you are ready for your brochure printing Los Angeles businesses require you might just surprise yourself with your own design skills with the proper tools.

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