Air Conditioning: Find an Air Conditioning Contactor in San Fernando

Generally, air conditioning units are relatively trouble-free and efficient, but occasionally face mechanical or electrical malfunctions. You definitely need a quick solution when the temperatures begin soaring and your air conditioner stops working. As a homeowner, you need to know the possible causes of this failure to be able to discuss with your technician the possible solutions. It is also imperative that you know why air conditioners breakdown to be able to maintain your unit appropriately. If you are looking for an Air Conditioning Contractor in San Fernando CA this is what you need to know.

Causes of Breakdowns

* Improper installation – This impairs the effective performance of the air conditioner since faulty installation may lead to limited airflow as well as leaking of ducts. This occurs when the refrigerator is not charged probably during installation and when the wiring of the unit is done haphazardly.

* Inadequate maintenance – If the unit is not maintained properly, the unit will end up malfunctioning. The compressor and fans are usually the victims of poor maintenance since they accumulate a lot of dust that hinders efficient functioning.

* Power control failure – Inconsistent power supply to the unit causes accelerated wearing of the fans and the compressor. Ensure that your air conditioning unit is on a controlled and consistent power supply line.

* Low refrigerant and frozen interior coil – This also affects the performance of the air conditioner since it will stop blowing cool air. Usually caused by accumulated dust on the coil and leaking.

Signs of a breakdown

* Failure to blow cool air – This is the most common indicator of a breakdown. An air conditioner is supposed to blow cool air, so if it does not do so, then there is a problem.

* Unfamiliar noises – When the unit starts to make abnormal noises rather than the usual humming, promptly check it out, it could be a sign of loosely fitted tools or accumulated dirt.

* Reduced airflow – This is mostly associated with failure of the blower to blow cool air to its maximum capacity.

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