Crate Master is the Ultimate in Packing Services Dallas Has to Offer

Its summer time and many families as well as businesses choose this season to transition from one location to another. When it comes to relocating, many families may dread the packing process. Businesses usually secure a contractor to do the job. Trying to find a reputable and affordable packing service can become a major task. If you are in the Dallas/Fort Worth area you can find ease in knowing that one of the top Packing Services Dallas has to offer is Crate Master. This company is sure to meet all of your packing expectations.

Located in Fort Worth, Texas, Crate Master provides services, not only to the metropolitan areas but to the entire state and will ship nationwide. With more than 17 years of experience in shipping and transporting goods that ranges in size from large antique vases to military equipment, Crate Master will deliver excellent customer service in the process.

Safety is top priority for Crate Master. In addition to getting your package to you on time and in one piece, Crate Master ensures the safety of its employees by providing working conditions that are among the highest standards. They do this by adhering to safety policies, operating procedures and rigorous safety programs that are in place.

Employees have been trained in excellence and are knowledgeable with various types of crating specifications that range from Department of Defense crating specifications to Military shipping standards. Quality control measures are in place to ensure your shipment meets customs approval and quality tests.

Premium wood materials are used to construct each crate to specific measurements. Each crate is inspected and tested prior to loading the desired piece that is to be shipped. Once the crate has been loaded additional quality control measures are used that include seal integrity to insure the crate is accounted for until it reaches the final destination. Each crate is also traced using a digital tracking method that also ensures timely deliveries.

With over seven certifications to include certification by the Better Business Bureau Accredited Business and the Greater Dallas Chamber, Crate Master is sure to prove that it is one of the best Packing Services Dallas has to offer.


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